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Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday v1.7 Unlocked MOD APK Download

Version: 1.7
App Name Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday
Package Name com.choiceofgames.kidnapped
Genre RPG
Size 5.68 MB
Latest Version 1.7
Mod Info
Update Date Sat Apr 29 2023
Hot Game

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK (Free) 2023 Download with Jojoy

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is one of the most popular apps right now, Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday has 10K+ downloads on Google Play. Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK (Free) is a premium version of Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday, you can use all the features of Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday without paying or watching ads. Download Jojoy now and you can experience the Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK for free.

What is Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday?

Escape your captors…and endure your rescuers, but don't be late to the ball! When you are kidnapped, you must take charge of your rescue, and reclaim your rightful throne.Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday is a 158,000-word interactive comedy by Charles Battersby, where your choices control the story. It's entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. Conspirators have imprisoned you in a tower, and are plotting to usurp your throne. And it's your birthday! Take command of the inept but well-intended crew sent to rescue you from your tower–a brazen knight, a snarky amazon, a cursed enchantress, and a humble peasant. Work together to escape your captors, outwitting your foes to make it back to the castle and regain your power as royal Heir. But first: fight the three-headed chimera, the two-eyed biclops, and a horde of insatiable gnomes!(They're surprisingly dangerous after a few drinks). Wield swords, magic, or fight with your wits and grace. If all else fails, pummel your enemies with a chamberpot tied to a stick.*Play as male, female, or nonbinary, gay, straight, bisexual, or asexual*Act like a damsel in distress (or an imperiled person) and let your rescuers do the work, or grab a sword and fight your own battles.* Unravel the conspiracy behind your abduction and thwart your scheming siblings.*Side with the aristocrats, or join a peasant rebellion.*Gain stature to prove that you are the one true Heir.*Harness fairy magic to bewilder and defeat your foes!*Disguise yourself as an Elder Vampire, stare down a giant, and take a nap in a glass coffin!*Find love with any or your rescuers...or marry a goblin (you know you're curious).*Bring peace to the kingdom, or revel in the chaos of civil war.

How do people say Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday?

I haven't reviewed one of these in a while. I buy these kinds of stories all of the time. This one was very creative! Fascinating! I wish this author had more stories. I enjoyed the fact that there was a good balance of choices and storytelling. One I bought previously started off with a decent amount of choices, then after you purchased the entire story, it stopped giving you choices and took the storytelling away from the reader. I was very happy this one did not resort to such tactics.

Absolutely wonderful! Possibly my favourite CoG game so far! Its very sarcastic humour was fun to read, as well as the over the top stereotypes. All four ROs are lovely and have their own very distinct personality, it was difficult to choose which one to focus on. Cool ending too, really recommend it!

What is Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK?

Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK is a premium version of Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday, in Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK you can use all the features in Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday without spending money or watching ads. You don't even need to spend time unlocking any of the quests in it, because you're in God's perspective and you can do everything with ease. Mod APK premium version has different interpretations in different apps, such as game mod apk. You will experience unlimited gold coins or unlimited diamonds, or even unlimited levels, you can easily experience the fun of the game without any effort. The advanced version of Mod APK removes the features of charging in popular apps, and eliminates many problems that require watching ads to use. You can easily use the green and clean version. And the Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK is the Free version, which means you can experience such fun.

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How to download Kidnapped! A Royal Birthday Mod APK on Jojoy?

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